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Fruit, Club, Lottery & Skill Machines

Fruit machines have been a staple additional revenue stream for licensed premises for decades, and with ever improving technology the range of entertainment, revenue earning and prize winning gets better every year.

As one of the South East’s leading gaming specialists, we have access to the highest quality and most technologically advanced fruit, club, lottery and skill with prize machines. Available to rent/profit share for free for the first 6 months, our machines are ideal for any pub, club or bar.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add even more regular income; speak to the experts at Westminster Automatics today on 01992 570333 about our exclusive hire options and rates.


The complete range of fruit, gaming and lottery machines

We have every type of gaming machine available for hire, including:

  • AWP fruit machines
  • B3A machines
  • Club machines
  • Lottery machines
  • Skill with prize (SWP) machines


AWP Fruit Machines

Providing your guests with an added source of entertainment while at the same time being an exceptional earner for your venue, our AWP fruit machines out jackpots of up to £100. They will even accept and pay-out notes too, so both you and your customer will avoid the unnecessary hassle of constantly getting change.


Club Machines

Our club machines now pay out the really big jackpots of up to £400! B3A machines pay out jackpots of up to £500! Offering your customer all the advantages of regular fruit machines and you the opportunity to set the jackpot anywhere up to the £400/£500, these machines are incredibly popular in social and members clubs.

These are the machines that typically come themed with popular TV shows, so feel free to ask us what’s currently in!


Lottery Machines

Quite a new addition to the market our lottery machines are fitted with note acceptors (also known as pull tab/scratch card) are proving a popular money earner and popular entertainment with customers. Players select what kind of jackpot they want to play for (up to £1000) and gamble in a more traditional manner where the higher the stake they lay down, the greater the possible prize.


Skill with Prize (SWP)

A pub staple for many years, SWP machines are often tied in with TV shows or board games and offer a high level of entertainment with relatively low cost pay-outs. Taking advantage of video technology, SWP units typically offer a range of games to play so customers can make a choice without you needing a row of 6 machines!


Based in Epping, Essex, we are ideally located to provide bars, clubs and pubs from across London, Kent, Surrey and Essex with the very best fruit, lottery, skill and gaming machines at very affordable rental rates.


Many of our clients are located in Maidstone, Epping, Ashford, Guildford, Croydon, Reigate, Islington, Redhill, Slough, Watford, Chelmsford, Stevenage, Barnet, Romford, Orpington, Medway, Colchester, Canterbury, Braintree, Gravesend, Dagenham, Dartford, Bromley and London.


As with all our products fruit, club, lottery and skill machines come with no contracts and full maintenance and repairs service 364 days a year, so no matter what your requirements for gaming machines put it in the hands of the experts at Westminster Automatics; contact us today to speak to one of our experienced team.

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